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With SPRING finally being here, it is often we think of spring-cleaning. Let me suggest some safe and effective alternatives to common cleaning products.

Must Haves

– Can also use lemon juice

Borax and Baking Soda
– Kosher salt can be used for a grainier texture

Coconut or Olive Oil
– For wood surfaces and floor conditioning

Essential Oils
– Tea tree to help sanitize others can be used for scents

The quantity of cleaning products in supermarkets is overwhelming when walking down the “household cleaning” isle. But there are three main concerns we need to be conscious of when choosing what to purchase or bring into our homes:

  1. TOXICITY: tthe ingredients that are most frequently used in various cleaning solutions vary in their level of toxicity. It is often unclear and vague and most consumers (if we’re honest) are not often looking at ingredients in these products. Most commercial cleaning products can contain known carcinogens, hormone disruptive chemicals and respiratory irritants. Let’s not even begin to consider the interaction that can happen when we use more than one cleaning solution in a room where there are various surfaces like a bathroom or kitchen.
  1. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: aside from the possible consequences of introducing these products in our home, what impact does the manufacturing, use and disposal of these products have on our air, water supply and our landfills? What we use also can also alter or cause serious disruption to wildlife and the plant life in our environment.
  2. EFFICACY: at the end of the day, the goal is to have a better home environment without disturbing our external one. And we can use simple substitutes to get results that work!

Check out David Suzuki’s – Queen of Green Cleaning Recipes:

Green cleaning recipes.pdf

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